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The first animations using film techniques were created in the early 20th century, but humans have created art to illustrate motion since the Paleolithic period. 

Five sequential images painted on a bowl in Iran (3rd millennium B.C.)

Animating your logo is a great way to start experimenting with motion graphics.

What is your creative concept? You need to devise a compelling storyline, and the characters who will star in it.

It’s time to develop a storyboard. How will your narrative flow from frame to frame?

Set out step-by-step how the animated elements will unfold

This will create a visual flow which will help highlight the story being told in the video. The SSR yellow has been used as the dominant colour, to help convey a cheerful atmosphere throughout. Movement is illustrated using red arrows, please note these won’t appear in the final creative.

Open with a brief shot of two schools shoes walking along the ground.

The shoes will move slowly backwards until one shoe hangs in the air, and the shoelace will extend. The text will pop in letter by letter.

Audio elements are crucial. You need to pick the right music and sound effects, and determine whether voiceover elements are required.

Custom animation created for State Schools’ Relief

When it all comes together, it’s magic!

  • Animated logos
  • “Explainer” animations
  • Social media creative
  • Unlock your brand story with greater impact
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