A highly experienced presenter and conference organiser, Cameron understands how to produce content that will cut through, and keep people talking (and tweeting) long after the session has finished.

Cameron has presented at conferences in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe, and North America, winning multiple speaker awards in the process. He is also a regular guest on ABC Radio Afternoons.

Choose from one of the following topics, or ask Cameron to create a bespoke presentation that illuminates a particular theme, objective, or message:

  • Superior storytelling for business
  • The science of viral content strategy
  • Using infographics and data to engage your audience
  • Best practice publications (print, online, and mobile)

Looking for a dynamic, knowledgeable, and inspiring speaker to ensure your next conference or professional development event is a success?

Cameron joins leading content strategists from around the world to present at the 2018 ContentEd Conference in London.



CEO Pickle Jar Communications (UK) Founder – ContentEd Conference

“In 2018 Cameron volunteered his time and expertise to help as a key member of the programming committee for the ContentEd conference, Europe’s only content strategy conference for the education sector. We also invited him as a speaker at the conference, safe in the knowledge that his wisdom and insights would wow our audience. He did not disappoint!”



Executive Director
Higher Ed Experts (Canada)

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Cameron on two different occasions, for the Higher Ed Content Conference hosted by Higher Ed Experts. Presenting online to a North American audience, he gave very engaging talks…live from Australia in the middle of the night!”

“It’s the presenter’s job to know and tune into the audience’s frequency. Your message should resonate with what’s already inside them.”

~ Nancy Duarte